About Binary Technologies

Binary Technologies is one of the emerging IT Company expected to soon conquer the IT world. It will easily leave behind other non-standard IT Companies in competition. Reason behind this is that the owner of the Company possesses one of the brightest brain in the field of Science and Technology. He is able to explore and implement any new technology in very less time. Plus, he is very humble and generous. Therefore, the other members of the Company have their influence. Thus, you could be rest assured that very soon 'Binary Technologies' would be advancing in the field of IT.

Other members of the Company are also fairly competent. You can thus conclude that the products developed and services given by our Company would be of high quality and international standards.

Our Mission

Starting from a small office, we aim to grow big enough to give strong competition to top IT Companies of the world like TCS, HCL, Wipro and Infosys.

Members of the Company are committed to give qulaity products and services to our customers. Here is a list of the members of our Comapny.

  • Sweta Nigam
  • Poornima Gaur
  • Sumit Srivastava
  • Labham Agarwal
  • Akash Singh

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Contact Us

Corp. Office: 69,HIG,Shri Ganesh Apartment,Krishna Puram,Nr.Hotel Manoj International,PAC Chauraha,G.T.Road, Kanpur, India
Contact no: 09580690496 ,09807586964, 09956545824
E-mail: Info@BinaryTechnologies.co.in